Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Beginning - A Little About Me

Everybody's blogging these days, so I thought I'd try my hand at it as well. 

A little about me. . . .hmmm . . . .what would you like to know?  I wear many hats but my favorite are those of wife and mom.  I am blessed with an absolutely beautiful little family!  My husband, Shawn, (you can see his new blog here) is a Godly man who leads our family in serving our Lord Jesus Christ.  I'm so blessed to have a husband who is active in our church and shows our children a good example of a man who loves his family & his God & his church.

My kids are the absolute joys of my life.  I have two little sweethearts!  My big boy, Jake is ten and my baby girl, Mylie is five.  They are amazing!  They are very active & keep us very busy.  They are currently playing baseball & softball respectively.  They are also involved in the children's ministry & the children's choirs at our church.  Busy, busy, busy we are!  I really don't know if I would like to be one of those people who didn't have something to do every night.  I'm afraid I might be extremely bored!

Another hat I wear is that of teacher.  I've taught at the same high school Shawn & I graduated from for 14 years.  Some of those years have flown by & others have drug by.  I taught Business for the first 12 years & these last two years have been spent teaching Marketing.  That has been a new experience for sure.  Lots of extra paperwork & meetings to attend.  My hope and prayer for my teaching career is that I am a light in the looming darkness of some student's life.  Teenagers today face many different things than we did at that age and my prayer is that they'll see the Light in my life.

Ok, so you may be wondering why my blog is named "DessertGirl-Mar" . . . or you may not!  You maybe thinking that I must love dessert; and I do!  But that's another story.  I've been the unofficial Dessert Girl in my family for many years.  I like to cook and love to bake.  I love to try new recipes.  You know how some families always eat the same meals over & over?  Well, that's not how we roll around here.  We have a few favorites that pop up over & over, but most of the time when I cook dinner, it consists of something new that we've never had before!  Anyway, I digress, my favorite things to cook have always been  desserts.  I'm always making something new to take to family gathering.  Thus, I've been tagged as the Dessert Girl.  When it's a potluck-style meal, I'm always assigned dessert.  Family & friends have told me for several years that I should sell my desserts.  Thus, Dessert Girl was born.  That's what I'm calling my newly created dessert catering business.  Who knows?  Maybe someday it will be more than just a little side biz out of my home kitchen.  Please pray with me about this!  Thanks!

So, until next time!  Eat dessert first!!


  1. Great start are going to love blogging. I see you found the bar and sent this post to facebook. Good deal. You will find that your comments seem to be posted on facebook messages more than within the blog. My blog now looks like no one ever comments since I started sending the different posts to facebook.
    Now post some of those beautiful cupcakes, and pictures of your family.

  2. Cute blog! I agree, time for some pics of all your pretties.